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Indulge in the things you love while entrusting your property for short term rentals to Aegean Aura Property Management & Digital Agency. Our team of experts is committed to maximizing your property's potential, transforming it into a haven for discerning travelers and a lucrative source of income.

Our company possesses the expertise and experience required to effectively showcase properties on digital platforms. By leveraging our services, property owners can substantially boost their income while highlighting the distinctive features of each property. Through the extensive global network, we focus on short-term rentals and property management.

comprehensive servicesAirbnb Property Management

Once we assume responsibility for your property, we meticulously manage every aspect, meticulously attending to every detail. Our comprehensive services include:

Marketing & Reservations

We create exciting listings on top online travel platforms like Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO, Google Travel and more. Our techniques guarantee optimal visibility and comprehensive coverage, ensuring worldwide exposure for your property.

Guests Management

We provide exceptional hospitality, from personalized welcome messages to guest support, encouraging memorable experiences that are destined for repeat visits

Dynamic Pricing Strategies to maximize revenue

By evaluating data-driven insights, we optimize rental day rates to maximize your profits while maintaining competitive prices.

Our data-driven strategies ensure the highest revenue while maintaining competitive pricing.

Our dynamic pricing model adjusts prices based on demand, seasonality and market trends.

Mobile Application & PC Dashboard

Stay updated on your property's performance and earnings, no matter where you are. Get instant notifications on your mobile when a booking is made with our mobile app.

Effortlessly track availability and deposited amounts for each booking in your bank account through the user-friendly dashboard on your computer.

Our goal is to ensure full transparency in our cooperation.

Accounting & Monthly Reports

We handle the booking procedures and contract finalization, in compliance with Greek legislation. We provide your accountant with comprehensive reports and all the necessary information to ensure the timely fulfillment of your monthly tax obligations to AADE.

In addition, for businesses with multiple properties, our specialized software, synchronized with booking channels, handles receipts, accommodation tax, extra services and sends them to myData.

Maintenance & Service

Based in the Cyclades, we have chosen to fully manage the accommodation on the islands of Mykonos and Syros, ensuring that your property remains in top condition.

We coordinate the cleaniers, whether it's the one you already work with or one of our external partners, maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and attracting guests who appreciate luxury.



Mykonos & Syros

With Aegean Aura at the helm, your short-term rental property in Mykonos or Syros will turn into a thriving business, generating substantial income while showcasing the enchanting charm of the islands. Our experience extends beyond management to include digital marketing strategies that enhance your property's online presence, ensuring it stands out from the competition.

Become a partner of Aegean Aura & unlock the true potential of your property or business.

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